Bed Wash

Bed Wash:

Dogs get dirty, and so do their beds, blankets,jackets, toys and squeezy things. We wash, dry, brush and bag your items and return it to you clean and fresh.
This is a drop off and pickup later service. We have a 48 hour turn a round on all laundry, however, if you drop off in the morning we try to have your items
ready by the end of the day whenever possible.

  • $10 to wash SMALL TO MEDIUM $ 15 LARGE TO X-LARGE beds and dry each dog bed (EXTREMELY DIRTY BEDS) is a extra $10 fee.
  • $10 to wash and dry each load of misc. pet laundry
  • IMPORTANT NOTE: Laundry service is paid in advance (at drop off). AFTER 30 DAYS OF NOT RETRIEVING YOUR ITEMS, THEY WILL BE DONATED TO PET LAUNDRY.  We do not have the space to store beds for a long period of time. A   courtesy call will be given to remind you thats your items need to be picked up.