About Us - Professional Pet Care

Rita Jones

I have loved and cared for dogs for over 30 years. I've spent the same amount of time working in corporate america and I'm finally able to do something that's really fun and super cool. Dogs are amazing animals with funny quirks and personalities that I find completely entertaining. I'm passionate about customer service and providing great experiences. Punkin is my Chihuahua/Jack Russell mix that I’ve had since he was 6 weeks old and now he's 6.

Kimberly Craig

I have had many animals, I'm particularly fond of dogs and pot belly pigs. My background is in health and human services. As the Manager of Pet Laundry I will focus on connecting with each dog while providing the best possible care for them. As the community ambassador, I will foster relationships with our customers, local businesses and the surrounding communities. If there is a product or service that would make your life easier, please let me know.


As our mascot and inspiration for Pet Laundry, he is loud, fiesty, loves a neck massage, is super nosey, and doesn’t get along well with any mail (FedEx; UPS; USPS) carriers for some crazy reason. Come in and meet Punkin cause he's pretty adorable and has lots of friends!



Pet Laundry is a service based business located in Lilburn, Georgia.
We are dedicated to providing exemplary service to people who love dogs of all sizes and breeds.
Our mission is to create an experience for your dog, much like that same experience humans feel
after a warm bath, or when humans lay on crisp, clean, fresh linen. It's soooooooo good!
Every time you bring your dog in, bring their bed too! Bed. Bath. Bubbles. It’s what we do!